Student Activities

The Meadows Elementary offers a diverse range of extracurricular activities and clubs as part of the DeSoto ISD Triple A Experience (Academics, Arts, & Athletics) program. 

Triple A Experience: The school provides students with opportunities in academics, arts, and athletics, recognizing the importance of a well-rounded educational experience. This approach aims to cater to the various interests and talents of students.

After-School Activities and Clubs: Students have the option to participate in a variety of after-school activities and clubs, ranging from cheerleading to student leadership. This allows students to explore their interests outside of the regular academic curriculum and develop skills in areas such as art, literacy, science, and leadership. Some of the top clubs at The Meadows Elementary include:

  • The Meadows Art Club
  • The Meadows Literacy Club
  • The Meadows Science Club
  • The Meadows Student Council
  •  The Meadows National Elementary Honor Society

Community Service Events: The school encourages students and parents to participate in community service events aimed at helping those in the local area. This fosters a sense of social responsibility and civic engagement among students while providing valuable opportunities for them to give back to their community.