Library Policies

Library Code of Conduct
It is expected that all library users follow these guidelines.

Library Passes

Students coming to the library during the school day must have an "Official Library Pass."  We DO NOT accept handwritten passes or agendas.  Passes are not required before or after school. 

In Library Book Check-out
Students may check out 1 to 3 books at a time for a 3 week period.  Each book may be renewed 1 time. 

e-Book Check-out
Students may check out 1 to 3 books at a time for one week.  Each book may be renewed 1 time. For information on how to find e-books, username and password, and Apps click HERE.

Students are not charged fines for overdue books.  Fines will be assessed for damaged pages, bindings.  Students with lost or damaged books will be charged a replacement fee and will not be allowed to check out other materials until their fines have been cleared.

Internet Acceptable Use Policy
All students are required to comply with the Internet Acceptable Use Policy described in DeSoto ISD Student Handbook and Code of Conduct Book. 

Black and white computer printouts are available at $.10 per page if available.

Lost or Stolen Property

The Library assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen property. At the beginning of the new 9 weeks grading period all items are donated to charity.

The library/media center is a place for reading, research and study. All visitors are expected to be respectful of classmates, teachers, administrators, campus guests, and all materials and equipment. Library users are expected to respect the Library and its property. Library users shall not deface or mark in books, magazines, recordings or other items of the library collections or in any way destroy or damage Library furnishings, walls, machines or other Library property.