About The Meadows Library

Dream Big

The Meadows Elementary School Library offers academic resources and activities that promote effective use of the library and other information resources. Library instruction gives students the skills to locate, use, and evaluate information. These skills lead to exploration, inquiry and academic success. We currently have access to several high -quality databases which include Encyclopedia Britannica Online and more. 

In partnership with campus educators and experts, we look forward to offering the following Ideas Powered in the 2017-2018 school year:

  1. Digital Learning - where hands-on learning comes to life and topics can be explored. The addition of these opportunities will appeal to students and make the library an intriguing destination.

  2. Digital Storytime - the librarians introduce the topic, discuss it, read about it, and THEN reinforce it with a game

  3. Design Den - which will be a dedicated place to serve as a makerspace for the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) programs

In agreement with the Texas Library Association we believe that:

  • Libraries are essential to the creation and sharing of ideas in the community;

  • Libraries are forward-thinking, technology-driven institutions, more vital today than ever before;

  • Our library reflects a truly diverse field of information work, representative of the variety and scope of libraries in the state.

Building relationships is a priority for our learning community. We are committed to actively participating in literacy campaigns and programs that promote the mantra of TME library which is...

Work Hard