Day 2: Roles and Responsibilities

Building the iSTEAM Culture Day 2-Workshop Two: Roles & Responsibilities*** ***This is an example of our first week. We are in the process of planning for the 2017-2018 school year, which will have similar components but will have a different theme. Check back in August 2017 for a more up to date look!

Campus PBIS Lessons for today: Hallways: H.A.L.L.S expectations and purpose for Practice Hallway Expectations throughout day for @10 minutes at a time CHAMPS Lessons: Beginning and End of Class Procedures/Supplies and Book procedures Review Entering Classroom/Bellwork/Pencil getting and sharpening Teach: Procedures for supplies How do I get supplies? Can I get them myself or does someone pass them out? Books/Journals/Binders: Where are books and journals kept? How do I get access to them? Where do I keep them? Do I put my name in them? How do you expect me to use them and turn to pages? End of Day How do we clean up the room? How do we put materials back? When do I get my backpack/things? Dismissal: Where do I go for dismissal and how do I travel there? Homework/Agendas/Parent Communications ***iSTEAM pass out Students Planners and have students put names in them. introduce them to layout and especially where roles and responsibilities are (for today's lesson) TME Campus rules/consequences from Powerpoint _______________________________________________________________________________ iSTEAM PBL: Complete any unfinished Workshops from Monday. Revisit the Know/Need to Know Chart and see what Need to knows can be answered at this time and which ones can be moved to the Know section (with an arrow drawn) . Today we will explore why we need to have group roles, responsibilities, and norms.
Watch The Avengers Video Trailer Clip showing the Avengers team at odds with each other.

Give each group a set of half sheets of paper on which the role titles have been separately printed. Ask the group to find out who has the longest name. Appoint that person as the group leader for this initial activity. Project leader should guide group through the following: 1. Ask each group member to take a half sheet with a role. Take turns reading out the role titles. 2. Brainstorm what each the job of each role may be based on the title. 3. Have the student with the Materials Manager slip to walk to where your iSTEAM Student planners are located and pick up one planner per student in the group. Pass out the planners. Look through the planner and find the roles and responsibilities information. Use this page to research what each role is. 4. Have each students to report to the group what they understand the job of the role they have the half sheet of paper for entails. Encourage them to use their own words. 5. Collaborate in your group to establish the roles and responsibilities of the Super heroes in the Avengers community using the group roles (who is performing which role and how). 6. Use the power point below to help gain knowledge of the Marvel heroes . (Teachers can print off copies for each group, have students use Chrome books to access it on this webpage, and/or allow the power point to play as a slide show during the workshop).